iAutoharp Відгуки

Fun and nice but limited

I love playing this but I would love it more if I could use audiobus to record it and I would love it most if I could record the midi output.

Great Great but room for improvement

This Autoharp is as good as a q cord or omnichord with one exception...it just isn't loud enough. Sound just went out on it. I wish they could fix the sound on it!

Doesn't sound like an autoharp

I play the autoharp. This doesn't sound at all like an autoharp.

Useless for making music

This app exhibits a significant lag between the stroke of the string and the sound. This makes it useless as a musical instrument. I don't expect an app to be as responsive as an analog instrument, but the lag is unforgivable - especially since there is another Autoharp app that works great (and costs only .99)! I had to buy the cheaper app after discovering how useless this app was. The lag on this instrument makes this app inlay suitable for an instrument tuner. On the positive this app has nicer graphics than the cheaper app. But looks don't make up for the broken nature of this app.

needs a lot of work

the concept is good. the interface is actually quite good too. but it doesn't play well and sounds like junk. the strumming is laggy and sometimes completely unresponsive. and the sounds produced sound like banging on a crummy synth piano. it seems as though the developer doesn't really know what an autoharp sounds like. i hope it evolves into a playable instrument. until then, this is like a proof of concept. save your money until they decide to make a musical instrument.


This thing needs a prayer and some volume bad. Not even good if it was free buy the ikota insted

Bad latency!!!

Horrible latency!!! Way worse than most other iPhone instruments! It's useless as is. Fix the latency and I'll up the stars! Good UI.

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